Downloading the Telarc Registration Mark

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The new Telarc Registration Marks are ready for immediate use.

If you are using Telarc electronic Registration Marks for web, email signatures or other electronic methods please change the marks within 6 weeks from now. If the old 5 tick marks are in printed collateral or other long life marketing material, Telarc understands the cost and imposition to change immediately and is happy that you do this when you re-print.

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  • To download your Telarc Registered Mark you must register with us first so that we can check your certification status and activate your password
  • This process can take 1- 2 days. Please phone our Customer Service Centre on 0800 004 004 if you require the Registration Mark urgently
  • On the Registration Mark download page choose the Telarc Registered Mark you require from the download page.
    Click here for the Registration Mark guidelines
  • Read the Guidelines for the use and printing of the Telarc Registered Mark.
  • Acknowledge the rules of use by ticking the box before attempting to download the Registration Mark.

If you are having difficulty with your download, contact Customer Service on 0800 004 004.