A quality management system provides an organisation with a set of coordinated processes to direct, control and continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance.

Engaging a dynamic and robust quality management system is what separates world-class companies and organisations from the rest.

We have the experience and
expertise to provide comprehensive,
client-focused auditing for a range
of systems to suit every size, shape
and style of business.

When quality is your priority
we provide the means for your
business to competitively step
ahead, to evolve and thrive,
to improve and succeed.

Achieving certification: The process.

We are New Zealands largest auditing body. We conduct audits with expert, experienced auditors who are backed with the resources of an industry-leading company. We are proactive in our approach; ensuring clients can implement and continually improve their system in accordance with the standard.

After our initial assessment we can then clarify where any gaps in service delivery may be occurring and provide sound recommendations on how best practice can assist with the ensuing system development.

Throughout this process we ensure communication is clear and that direction is cost-effective and efficient to act upon.